CRT is part of the Far Right strategy to annihilate Diversity and Inclusion Change

Hendex DEI Creative Tension Framework — from Performative to Transformative DEI Change

Mary was about to launch a strategy to build a transformative diversity, equity and inclusion program for her employer. She was excited but also apprehensive. She wasn’t sure about how to build such a strategy or how to enlist leadership support. She was anxious, as this was her first major assignment in a corporate leadership role. She had been successful in previous positions and acknowledged for her success. She felt up to the challenge.

Are you “befuddled” during this time of social distancing and work from home requirements?

So, what is SPINE? It is the backbone of inclusion!

Effenus Henderson

President and CEO of HenderWorks Consulting and Co-Founder of the Institute for Sustainable Diversity and Inclusion. Convener, ISO Working Group, DEI

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